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Founded in 2022 in France, Filigran specializes in creating open-source cybersecurity solutions that empower businesses around the world. Our suite, Filigran eXtended Threat Management (XTM), includes industry-leading solutions like OpenCTI and OpenBAS, designed to help organizations understand threat environments, anticipate and detect incidents, and conduct attack simulations.

Driven by a commitment to innovation, collaboration and transparency, Filigran believes in democratizing access to cybersecurity knowledge and tools. Its team of talented people embodies its core values of mutual support, autonomy and continuous learning.

Open CTI Collect, correlate and leverage

Organize your cyber threat intelligence knowledge to enhance and disseminate actionable insights.

  • Knowledge management  -  Access consolidated view of threat data from multiple sources.

  • Data Contextualization  -  Transform raw data into actionable insights.

  • Collaboration  -  Enhances sharing and actionable insights dissemination across teams and tools.

  • Incident Response  -  Streamline incident response with powerful case management capabilities.

OpenBAS - Plan, execute and conduct

Create dynamic attack scenarios, ensuring accurate, timely, and effective response during real-world incidents.

  • Customizable Simulations  -  Build both simple and intricate scenarios tailored to various industry needs.

  • Resource Allocation  -  Evaluate your security posture, on both technical and human side.

  • Real-Time Insights  -  Improve team dynamics with instant feedback on responses.

  • Continuous Improvement  -  Enable continuous skill enhancement and insight gathering post-simulation.

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