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Most of today's EDR solutions are too complex for the average business without a large and experienced IT team. VIPRE EDR was designed for small to medium businesses and the security professionals that support them. By providing the tools you need when you need them, VIPRE EDR offers better detection and discovery of more abnormal behavior than standalone file, process and network analysis solutions, ensuring greater great usability in the EDR market without losing any functionality. 

- Access point protection

- Behavior correlation engine

- Insulation of terminals

- Visualization of threats

-Remote Shell

- Integrated incident management

VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud is a powerful and fully customizable cloud-based endpoint protection platform that enables enterprises to protect against vulnerabilities in Windows or macOS endpoints. Next-gen endpoint security made easy. 

- Simplified, multi-layered endpoint protection with network and application agnostic DNS protection. 

- Hardening of systems and visibility of threats.

- Modern protection in a simplified model, allowing to create flexible, simple and intuitive reporting on all protected access points in a few clicks. 


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