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VIPRE  (Ziff Davis, Inc. - NASDAQ ZD) is a leading provider of Internet security solutions designed to protect businesses, solution providers and individuals from costly and malicious cyber threats. VIPRE's frequently award-winning protection portfolio includes comprehensive endpoint, messaging, user and network security with threat intelligence for real-time malware analysis. VIPRE solutions provide comprehensive, easy-to-use layered defense through cloud and server-based security, with mobile interfaces that enable instant response to threats.

Cybersecurity awareness is more important than you think to your business security. Cyber incidents can indeed have a high cost. With an increasing number of cyberattacks each year, the risk of not educating your employees about cybersecurity only increases.

CYWARENESS is part of a leading group,  the world's largest provider of cybersecurity education and training, with offices on five continents. 

Cywareness allows you to maximize the potential
of your employees in terms of cybersecurity
exposing them to cybercrime scenarios
most relevant, without the need for additional resources from your IT team.

Cybersixgill logo.png

Cybersixgill provides premium deep and dark web threat intelligence solutions. These solutions offer unparalleled capabilities. They are precise, complete, discreet and fully automated.


Cybersixgill is widely used by businesses, MSSPs, governments and law enforcement entities.
Solutions proactively provide your security teams with the investigative capabilities and actionable insights needed to fight fraud, prevent data breaches, protect your brand and conduct timely investigations. real, minimizing the attack surface. 



AGNOSTIC INTELLIGENCE is a leader in Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) and Vendor Security Management (SSM) services (platform solution, managed service provider) across Europe.
• Combines TPRM expertise from different sectors (consumer goods,
manufacturing, banking, insurance, energy, chemicals, logistics, etc.)
• Combines experience from several fields: Risk management, risk modeling,
cybersecurity, compliance, consulting, assessments, managed services and secure cloud platform,
to create a unique, tailored and industry-specific TPRM SaaS offering.

Perception Point Blue Logo.png

Perception Point is a prevention-as-a-service company, offering rapid interception of any content-based attack across all collaboration channels, including email, cloud storage, CRM applications and messaging platforms. It prevents phishing, BEC, spam, malware, zero-days and N- attacks.
day attacks long before they reach corporate end-users.
Deployed in a matter of minutes with no need to modify the company's infrastructure, the
Perception Point's solution is policy-compliant and requires no intervention on the part
IT teams. In addition, Perception Point offers an important value-added service
through its managed incident response service, which is an integral part of the solution, thanks to a team of experts who act as the driving force behind incident management.
The solution's unique technology, which comprises seven different detection layers to
provide a single verdict within seconds, has been recognized by Gartner. 


Filigran, a cybertech based in France, specializes in creating open source cybersecurity solutions. It offers a suite of cybersecurity solutions, called “Filigran eXtended Threat Management (XTM)”, to help organizations understand threat environments, anticipate and detect incidents as well as perform attack simulations. The suite is currently composed of two solutions:

  • OpenCTI: helps organize, store and operationalize cyber threat intelligence information at a technical, operational and strategic level;

  • OpenBAS: uses knowledge about cyber threats to transform it into attack simulations, stress tests and crisis management exercises.

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Helping businesses combat LLM-based social engineering attacks with ultra-customized cyber threat detection and mitigation tools. Brightside automates employee protection, showing data exposure risks and resolving them with highly personalized AI phishing exercises.

CYE Logo.png

Founded in 2012, CYE's optimized cyber risk quantification platform and experts are transforming the way organizations manage cybersecurity. Using AI and innovative technology, CYE visualizes attack paths, quantifies, mitigates and communicates cyber risks, and evolves the organization's cybersecurity posture. 

Luchs Security is revolutionizing the IoT security landscape by seamlessly integrating its automated security testing platform into the IoT device development lifecycle. This allows IoT device manufacturers to easily adhere to new regulations/standards while performing real hands-on cybersecurity testing on their products, all in an automated and remote manner.

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